Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cooper Union Alumni Exhibition

Publishers’ Weekly
October 15, 1949

Cooper Union Alumni Exhibit Their Book Designs

Fifteen of the younger alumni of Cooper Union Art School, New York,
are represented by books, jackets and illustrations in an exhibition
called “Contemporary Book Design,” which is being held at Cooper
Union Museum, October 10–31, in connection with the school’s 90th
anniversary. Designers represented include Jeanyee Wong, Erica
Gorecka-Egan, Philip Grushkin, Meyer Miller, Edgard Cirlin, Miriam
Woods, Ashley Bryant, David Soshensky, Anne Pracny, Riki Levinson,
Donald Burgess, Richard Stinely, Elizabeth Alden Karpoff and Marvin
Blick. An earlier exhibition in connection with the anniversary was
held this spring (PW July 2), and was made up, in part, of illustrations
book and jacket designs and calligraphy by students now at the school.

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